gpgsigs is a perl tool which helps the user participate in keysigning parties.

At keysigning parties, you usually get a list of participants which you then check and later sign. gpgsigs takes as input a file containing keys in "gpg --list-keys" format and prepends every line with a tag indicating if the user has already signed that uid. It can also generate and embedd the checksums of the file into the output.


gpgsigs was written by me in 2004 to help at the linuxtag 2004 keysigning party. It has since been massively overworked and redone by Peter Palfrader and Christoph Berg, and, since a few years is maintained at the alioth site of pgp-tools.


gpgsigs is included in the the Debian package signing-party. If you don't use Debian, you could fetch it directly from its subversion repository.